To Be (at home) or Not to Be (at home)

We have another article featured in Sioux Falls Woman magazine this month.

“There are a lot of media messages for seniors designed to convince them that living in their own home is a great blessing and one that should be maintained at all cost. Typically, these messages come from home health companies that are touting their services. For many people, the idea of living out their days in the comfortable and secure surroundings of their home is attractive, especially if there are others around to share their lives. This is where the home health workers come in. A couple hours of care and attention each day can make a difference in the quality of life of seniors and many families have taken that route. What does this service cost these families? At the low end, about $22/hour. Most services have a two hour minimum, so $44 per visit is typical. In a month this runs to $1,320. If a second daily visit is necessary, this doubles, and some people require much more than that so the costs run up rapidly. Families try to compensate by providing as much help as possible. Kids love their parents, so as the needs grow they step up more and they don’t mind. Eventually, however, the care of the parents and their home overwhelms the family resources and alternatives are considered. There are always two needs that motivate: One is care of the person, the second is care for the home. Home health workers, as great as they are, don’t mow the grass, clean the bath, scoop the snow, or fix the whatever. We do. Because we do, Washington Crossing has become the home of over 100 happy seniors. Not surprisingly, as much as they like us, their families like us more.”

We love the article turned out, you can read article online now!